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of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that will bear -- to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california. that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. i will faithfully discharge the duties upon which i am about to enter during such time as i hold the office of -- for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations and thank you. [applause] >> tonight, we paid for the two teachers, especially those in san francisco public schools who have made san francisco the top- performing urban school district in california. each day, thousands of teachers provide children with the skills to be successful in life, including learning how to analyze problems, appreciate the arts, and become active in sports. we all know how important teachers are. that is why the giants continue to participate in the annual thank a teacher today campaign, a month-long celebration of san francisco public school teachers. it happens each may and is a program of the
and pakistan and the united states and pakistan over the last several months. >> the war may not really end. only the commodified in will be done by afghan forces. -- only the fighting will be done by afghan forces. nato wants to make sure that when they stand up, they do not stand alone. >> the message to the afghan people is that we will not desert them. and a message to the insurgency is equally clear. you cannot win on the battlefield. you should stop fighting and start talking. >> this does mark a milestone, but the journey is far from over. nato will play a supporting role in afghanistan, even as it declares the war is over. and corrects a suicide bomber in yemen has killed at least 96 people, most of them soldiers, and injured hundreds more. al qaeda says it is behind the attacks. frank gardner reports. >> some salt -- some thought it was at first a ceremonial cannon. but it was a lone suicide bomber to week hot carnage in the heart of the yemeni capital. -- to wreak carnage in the heart of the yemeni capital. it was at of tomorrow's planned parade to celebrate the country's unity. t
is close to letting inspecters back to the count. that will help. the united states and israeli defense missiles warn we have heard this before, iran. >> facebook stock price is down. again. poor zuckerberg lost another billion. he ain't 25 sitting on $30 billion no more. the company now on track to be the worst major i.p.o. starts in five years. >> secret service agents you are not out done. others are at your heels from the drug enforcement administration. they, too, enjoy the company of women you pay for in other nations. or that is the allegation. unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> but, first, from fox at 3:00 with the new sound effect a security situation onboard a us airways flight bound to the united states. why we are still talking about this, is beyond me. new video of the plane. sources saying according to reports a passenger said she had a bomb implanted in her body. well, that would explain it. this is weeks after experts voiced weapons terrorists could hide bombs it their bodies. the flight left paris this morning on the way to north carolina, c
working for fire safe america, in the united states fire administration priorities. in front of you apacketses for today's witnesses. i recognize myself for five minutes for an opening statement. today's hearing is being held to review the fire service community's priorities for the future of the united states fire administration, the usfa established following the 1973 report of the national commission on fire prevention and control. america burning which recommended the creation of a federal fire agency to provide support to state and local governments and private fire organizations and their efforts to reduce fire death, injurpies and property loss. the usfa is a substantial public sayy mission. although the fire death rate continues to decline, it is higher than more of half the industrialized countries. preparing first responders and health care leaders to react to hazard and terrorism emergencies. it supports the agencies of states and local governments providing training for first responders, educational programs and targeted outreach for communities, and conducting and coord
term energy technology future than the united states. the only question is whether these resources can be coordinated to maximum advantage and that is where public policy inevitably must enter the picture. thank you very much for your time. i look forward to your questions. >> thank you very much. mr. jenkins? >> thank you, chairman bingaman, ranking member murkowski and distinguished members of the committee. i direct the energy and climate program at the breakthrough institute, an independent public policy think tank based in oakland, california. it's an honor to appear before you today to discuss the role of government and energy innovation, particularly on my birthday and senator murkowski's. advanced energy policy and markets in the united states are now at a key inflection point. in recent years, u.s. advanced energy sectors have grown rapidly, adding jobs even through the depth of the recession, while reducing costs for many technologies, including solar and wind power, batteries for electric vehicles and advanced biofuels. still, a recent cost declines mark important industry m
:00 with the new sound effect a security situation onboard a us airways flight bound to the united states. why we are still talking about this, is beyond me. new video of the plane. sources saying according to reports a passenger said she had a bomb implanted in her body. well, that would explain it. this is weeks after experts voiced weapons terrorists could hide bombs it their bodies. the flight left paris this morning on the way to north carolina, charlotte, and defense officials say two fighter jets scrambled to escort the boeing 767 after being diverted to maine. here is the sound from the control tower. >> we need an emergency aircraft. >>shepard: i didn't understand, either. sources say the passenger never pose add threat of any kind but the concern began when she pass add note to a flight attendant. rick is in new york. what is this note? rick: it has something to do about a bomb being imlaboratoried if her body and she appeared nervous and jittery and according to peter king, chairman of the house homeland security security committee she is a french citizen, from cameroon, who had no che
is being held to review the priorities for the future of the united states fire administration. the usfa. the usfa was established following the 1973 report on fire prevention and control which recommended the creation of a federal agency to provide support and their efforts to reduce fire deaths, injuries and property loss. it is a substantial public safety mission. although the country's fire death rate continues to decline, it is higher than more than half of the industrialized countries. it prepares first responders and health care leaders. it supports the efforts of state and local governments providing training for first responders, educational programs and targets outreach for communities and conducting the development of technologies for the fire service. the usfa also assists with data collection, analysis and dissemination of best practices for the nation's fire prevention and control in emergency medical services activities. in recent years, there's been an escalation of severe wildfires resulting in home and property loss. this can be attributed to expanding development in wi
united states in. my third congressional district in colorado on the western slope better than 70% of the land is either federal, state or tribal lands. a lot of the forest, 100,000 trees per day that you mentioned are falling in our forest right now are creating an incredible challenge in terms of maintaining healthy forests. in terms of the fire threat. could you maybe speak to, we're talking mr. burke was noting about water quality issues. if these forces burn, what type of impact is that going to have on water quality? >> that's absolutely devastating, sir. if you look at what happened after some of the big fires in colorado to the denver watershed in particular the costs are astronomical. those are individuals paying a great deal more in the city of denver because they're relying on water from other parts of the state to be clean and healthy. the fact of the matter is when these trees burn and the soil is scorched it doesn't hold the water, it doesn't filter the water and we have tremendous impacts on our reservoirs because they fill up with sediment. >> would it be accurate
the stewardship program but to the forest industry as a whole. on my own land in the southeastern united states i have seen direct benefit of the forest stewardship program. my work with the long leaf pine restoration has been in part a product of the stewardship program. to date i have restored more than 700 acres of long leaf pine in an effort to restore this native tree to our forest. second, the forest legacy program has been an important part of conservation detective work by allowing land owners to help protect environmentally important forest areas from expansion and by engaging with the locally led process to develop conservation plans. while the senate 2012 farm bill framework now includes a program cap of $200 million annually, i do not believe this cap will be a negative impact on being able to successfully carry out responsible conservation. insects continue to be wreak direct havoc on our forest. insect infestation and disease have a direct impact on our members and furthermore put their livelihood? danger due to the loss of timber and the increased risk of wildfire. conservation dis
quiet is everybody working so hard? >> there are a number of reasons for it. first, the united states congress wanted to hold a hearing on this issue. and the secretary and the chairman and other u.s. officials believe that it's very important to share with congress our perspective on the law of the convection. it's important to the establishment of regular international regimes governing maritime activities by nations to include militaries around the world and every time we have the opportunity to signal or support for this convection, we will. >> has congress signalled to you that maybe there's movement there and you might get something through now? >> i grew up in this town so i've long since offered predictions on what congress may or may not do. i don't have any particular signals about what they may do with respect to this convection. we hope that it is eventually adopted by the united states. >> the armed services committee yesterday released its report on counterfeit electronic parts that have made their way into the defense procurement line, supply line. most of the criticism
on one thing. when you leave the east coast of the united states, you can drive for miles from state to state and not see another black face. call to montana, utah, parts of oregon and washington -- there are lots of african americans in this country but there are parts where there are none. on the broader issue, that is certainly true. the president has done a lot for not just african americans but for everyone in the country. the health-care bill, the stimulus package. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. the shift has been helpful for everyone. you cannot count on the all.dent to do with allit you have to start a small business and take the risk of willing to fail. there are conditions that exist, but government cannot solve all those problems. they have to be solved at the committee level. host: teresa is a republican from trenton, new jersey. caller: hi. i was listening -- i really love you. you're a great democratic strategist and i love your opinions and have you correct other people and bring them back to what the heart of the problem is. thank you for that. in order for us t
to the united states. why some cuban-americans are furious. we're going in-depth. >>> first the secret service and now dea agents are under investigation for allegedly hiring prostitutes in colombia. i'm wolf blitzer. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- >> the high-powered campaign surrogate is on the hot seat for going off message after newark's democratic mayor cory booker spoke about the attacks on mitt romney's old firm bane capital. he had to struggle to do damage control and the dust still hasn't settled. let's discuss what's going on with the key adviser of the romney campaign, ed gillespie, former republican of the national committee. thanks very much for coming in. >> thank you for having me, wolf. good to be with you. >> let's talk about what the president specifically said about mitt romney, his experience at bane capital yesterday and then we'll get your reaction. >> my opponent, governor romney, his main calling card for why he thinks he should be president is his business expense. he's not there touting his experience in massach
. >> the president of the united states and the former governor of massachusetts. ed gillespie, thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me, wolf. >> toxic chemicals and the risks they pose to children. >> when you sit down you release this fine spray of toxic chemicals right in the face of your baby. that isn't right. >> the so-called stroller brigade pushes their babies and pushes lawmakers for more regulation and it is too late for democrats to put hillary clinton on the ticket. paul begala and eric ericsson are both standing by live. why some cuban-americans are so angry about this week's visit. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we g
by the united nations, three months after the september 11th attacks in 2001. united states was already involved in a full-scale offensive against the taliban whom they accused of harboring osama bin laden. isaf is composed of 130,000 troops from 50 countries. 90,000 of them are from the united states. their mission has been to stabilize the situation in afghanistan and to help the government of president hamid karzai reconstruct the country. they have also been in charge of training afghan security forces. over the past decade, some 3,000 coalition troops have been killed while fighting the taliban and other insurgents. the cost of maintaining troops in afghanistan has become a heavy burden on nations providing support. in 2010, the afghan government signed an agreement to take over security operations from coalition forces by the end of 2014. but some countries are already seeking an early exit. in france, recently elected president francois hollande promised during his election campaign that he will bring all french troops home by the end of this year. australian prime minister julia gillard
, becoming the first openly gay man to run for elected office in the entire united states. 1961. [applause] as he explained last night during the presentation of his lifetime achievement award, the establishment at the time was so scared that he could very well win that many candidates were recruited for the very purpose of keeping him from being elected to the san francisco board of supervisors. at the end of the day, in a field of 32 candidates, he came in ninth place in 1961 and almost won the seat to the very body. in 1962, he co-founded the tavern guild, the first gay business association in the country. in 1963, he felt to find the -- helped found of the society for individual rights that sponsored both social and political functions for the gay community as well as help educate gateman about their rights if arrested or harassed by the police. he assumed the moniker her royal majesty, and prince of san francisco, jose the first, the widow norton, an homage to the mob -- a much to joshua norton who declared himself the emperor of the united states and protector of mexico in 1859. jose
throughout the western united states. insect infestation and disease have a direct impact on our members and furthermore put our livelihood in danger due to the loss of timber and the increased risk of wildfire. conservation districts feel that more needs to be done to address this mounting problem. and the farm bill frame work we have seen is a step in the right direction. in conclusion, these farm bill programs show a track record of success, and every dollar spent has soon a return. i am happy to answer any questions you or the subcommittee may have. thank you, sir. >> thank you, mr. holmes. now i yield to the gentleman from florida for purpose of introduction. >> i would like to thank you for this opportunity to hold this hear to review forest try -- my -- agriculture product is trees. over $16 billion is infused into florida's economy from the manufacturing and distribution of forest products each year. the national forest is the largest u.s. national forest in the state of florida and it reside in my congressional district. i am proud today to welcome a witness from our district, i
positioned to own a long- term energy future and the united states. the only question is whether these resources can be coordinated policy must enter the picture. thank you very much for your time, and i look forward to your questions. >> that you very much. mr. tin cans? >> members of the committee, and at the break you institute in oakland, california. it is an honor to discuss the role of government in energy information. advanced policy and markets are at a key point. in recent years advanced sectors have grown rapidly, adding jobs, while reducing costs for many technologies, could solar and batteries. cost declines marked important maturation and progress. policies port is poised to turn it from boom to bust. total federal spending supported at industries surged to $44.3 billion into the asinine. it is now poised to decline 75% to $11 billion by 2014. that includes the analysis conducted by the britain institute and published at the brookings institution as beyond boom and bust, putting clean tech on a path to subsidy independence. slated to expire by 2014. my authors and i
and, as i said, even the president of the united states. she served as an intern at exceptional parent magazine, living in boston. that summer between her junior and senior year of high school, katie learned to manage her own medical care, directing the nurse who is provided her treatments and managed her ventilator. katie considered advocacy to be her vocation and chosen path. in particular, helping to raise the consciousness of other young people about disability issues. even though she found this work rewarding, she sometimes felt uncomfortable in those pre-a.d.a. days, as we say, pre-americans with disabilities act, to be singled out because of her disability. all she wanted with was, as shet it, to fit in and be normal. her first job was at a music store at a local job. she got the job by virtue of her knowledge and interest in music. but as katie said -- quote -- "advocacy is in my blood and my soul." so she looked for work that would allow her to help other people. she had been volunteering at the local ywca in the secondhand shop that supported the only homeless shelter for wom
to something that speaks to my heart in the western united states. better than 70% of the land is either federal, state and tribal landed. it's creating an incredible challenge in terms of maintaining healthy forests and in terms of the fire threat. mr. burke was noting a bit about water quality issues. if these time of pak pact been if you look at what happened after some of the big fires in colorado to the denver water should, the costs are as strom om call. in denver they're relying on water from other parts of the state to be clean and healthy. when the trees burn and the soil a birched, it couldn't have tree kpend -- >> would it be accurate to say we do not follow to eso they would healthy for us. so would literally -- when we're talking about protecting our water, protecting our watersheds in the midwest weeks have maybe 12, 14 inches of rainfall that comes in a total year. it's in the best interest of this country rng the environmental protection agency, our states and nation to actively man and these forests. >> there's no question. i would actually ask the kwong and this committ
are not the united states, as everybody knows. united states is one jurisdiction, it's 51. what happens in massachusetts or maine is completely different from what happens in texas. >> how persistent was her lobbying of you over this period? >> i'm afraid i'm slightly vague on this, but it was fairly persistent. but this was in the period after the murder of sarah payne in 2000. when i left as secretary in june, 2001. and it's worth bearing in mind that at that time there was a lot of briefing going on. that i was too soft, and so on. and, others maneuvering because for my position. but anyway, we got through all of that. >> how about the specific point or the general point, mrs. brooks was made representing the views of her readers and in the end? >> it is striking in my talks to the editors and the senior executives of the popular newspapers that they believe this. i think that is, it has a truth behind it, but the sons of the daily readers are my constituent, and you can't have a position in public life which editors do as much as politicians and plead as your excuse for and other wi
not having to rely on the ruian space program after retiring our own fleet. >> the united states will once again be in the lead, will be providing our own vehicles to take our own astronauts and cargo to the international space station. >>> the u.s. is losing its top diplomat in afghanistan. ryan crockler step down this summer. news of that dpareur comes hours after the conclusion of the nato summit in chicago which produced a formal agreement on the nato withdrawal from afghanistan. there was no deal on getting pakistan to reopen supply routes into afghanistan. >>> 43 catholic groups suing president obama over contraception. the university of notre dame and the archdiocese of new york are hoping to block the law that requires hem to provide contraception coverage. catholic groups say the revision doesn't go far enough and the law violates separate of church and state. >>> a dumb guy in a wig trying to rob a casino. police say he tried to pepper spray a blackjack dealer and grab $115,000 in chips at the bellagio in vegas. police say casino staff wrestled him down. his wig and sunglasses fe
of the united states an apology. if you can't do it, maybe you were just on a big news show and felt like you had to say something. maybe that's what it was. i don't know. what you did was damage. get your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. does mitt romney care more about people or profits? text a for people. text b for profits. you can always go to our blog at ed.msnbc and leave a comment. joining me is now the senator of new jersey. good to have you with us tonight. >> good to be here. >> this is one of the strangest thing i've seen a democratic mayor going out and ramrodding the president's campaign in such a crucial election. how off the mark was he in your opinion? >> unfortunately, he's way off the mark. i've agreed with him on many thing thing, but this one he's wrong about. it's too bad. the campaign was doing the right thing in depending itself, defending the president's record which is pretty good and highlighting the bain capital record, which is buy a company, lay off the employees, take the spoils, sell the company and be done with it. that's not what we would call
an additional incentive for aliens to enter, reside and work in the united states without authorization, which contradicts federal law and policy to remove such incentives." close quote. in july, 2011, again the treasury department, through its inspector general, issued a report that was actually entitled -- quote -- "individuals who are not authorized to work in the united states were paid $4.2 billion in refundable credits." close quote. so again, under this administration, the treasury department, the i.r.s. underscore that this is a huge problem to the tune of $4.2 billion every year. and so, mr. president, i urge all of us to come together in a straightforward, commonsense, bipartisan way to fix this problem. the fix is simple and it's clear. the i.r.s., the treasury department has told us we simply need to mandate that folks applying for the credit use valid social security numbers. that will cut off the fraud. that will cut off $4.2 billion going improperly to illegal alien families. it will not cut off the benefit going to anyone who deserves it under the law. and so, mr. president, wi
trial. the united states supreme court reversed the verdict of the jury in this decision. he has found an organization called resurrection after exoneration to help other people seek justice in their respective cases. to his left -- this is the executive director of california death penalty focus, where she works to abolish the death penalty. she did preside as the warden over several executions. natasha is the death penalty policy director for the american civil liberties union of northern california. she previously worked as a deputy public defender in alameda county, and was a staff attorney with the california task force on criminal instructions. she is also working on the effort to abolish the death penalty in california and pursuing the goal of reforming capital sentencing procedure. before we start with the first question, we have a short video. i have been told that this is a video from the former warden of the mississippi prison. >> it is clear that the execution will take place and something happens. they may not come out and say that they did this, but they will tell the vic
in the united states. it is a historical japanese- style garden, originally billed as a village for the 1894 midwinter international exposition. after the exposition, a japanese-american partner along with john mclaren converted the exhibition into a permanent park. he over saw the building as the teagarden and was the official caretaker from -- until 1925. he requested the people of japan 1000 flooring cherry trees to be imported and other plants and birds and goldfish. his family lived in the garden until 1942. when under executive order 906, he was forced to relocate to an internment camp with thousands of other japanese american families. this barden was renamed the oriental tea garden and it fell into a state of disrepair. in the 1950's, we had moved forward and the rec and park renamed it the japanese tea garden. the first concessionaire was jack -- who many here had the incredible opportunity to honor. and we're very incredibly pleased to be planning -- planting a cherry tree from the consul general. the cherry blossom tree planting has become a tradition that allows us to reflect on
landing and new worries about airline security on flights heading to the united states from overseas. >>> also a possible break-through in the standoff over iran's nuclear program. is iran about to blink and allow new inspections? >>> and the man who succeeded in are mr as massachusetts governor, deval patrick is a democrat, but wait until you hear what he has to say about romney's old company, bain capital. >>> we begin with the latest on an in-flight scare that forced a u.s. jet to make emergency landing by fighter jet. it raises fresh concerns for security for airliners headed to the states from africa and europe. u.s. airways flight 787 from paris to charlotte diverted to bangor's maine after a passenger's note warned she had a surgically implanted device. the plane with 188 people on board landed safely and the woman else courted off in handcuffs. officials determined she didn't have a device after all but that leaves plenty of questions. fran townsend is with us, a member of the external advisory committee for the cia and department of homeland security. fran, this is something
bless the united -- may god bless the united states of america. [cheers and applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> in over just half an hour, vice president joe biden will be campaigning by speaking ed keene state college in new hampshire talking about the economy and we will have that live at 1:45. on wednesday, secretary of state hillary clinton, defense secretary leon panetta, and the joint chiefs had will testify before the senate relations committee how to ratify ocean rights could strengthen national security interests in the asia- pacific region known as the law of the sea convention and that will be on c-span 3 tomorrow and also a secret service director and acting homeland inspector general charles edwards testified on the recent circuit -- secret service prosecution in columbia. there will be low for the senate, and security commission live at 10:30 a.m. eastern right here on c-span. from 1971-1973, president richard nixon secretly recorded
that the united states and other countries have had with the iranians, their refusal to allow the iaea to monitor exactly what the iranians are doing and of course, john, this coincides with a very important second round of negotiations tomorrow in baghdad, where the united states and the other members will be negotiating with iran. it looks like there's momentum towards at least the beginnings of some agreement but until we see the details, we have reason to be cautious. >> you say reason to be cautious, the israelis are openly skeptical, they have the most at stake you might argue. they believe what iran is doing is agreeing to some technical agreement on paper so they can go into the talks tomorrow and say back off the sanctions, give us a break. should the p-5 plus one, the group that it's called, the united states, should they back off or ratchet up the pressure? >> i think the iranians are at the table in baghdad tomorrow because of the pressure, because of the sanctions, so i would think that we'd want to see a maintenance of the sanctions, if not a reinforcement of the sanctions, and inde
, it will be responsible for 12 missions to the iss and united states will no longer have it rely on russia to get cargo up there. >>> and after what i'm sure was a collecting holding of breaths there. spacex employees thrilled over this launch. businesses can, in fact, do space exploration and my next guest, certainly banking on that, as well. he's richard branson, founding of the group and launched space passenger flights to space. mr. branson, i'm not sure if you stayed up or woke up early to see this successful "falcon 9" launch but from a private enterprise perspective, how exciting is this for you? >> it's tremendously exciting and huge kudos to the whole team. they've done a fantastic, fantastic job. and it now means that virgin galactic as a private company has had spaceship one in space and you've had another commercial spaceship company had the successful, extremely successful launch and it is the beginning of a whole new era of spaceship troubles. a very, very exciting time ahead, i think, for all of us. >> you know, i covered the ending era of the space shuttles. "atlantis" launch this morning.
. they will not drive out the voices of the american people when i am president of the united states. >> we have to take action on both ends of pennsylvania avenue ban the influence of lobbyists, to do our work openly, to give our people the government they deserve. because the more transparency we can give to washington the less likely the less likely it will be run by special interests. going forward the democratic national committees will uphold the same standards. we will not take a dime from washington lobbyists or special interests. we are going to change how washington works. they will not fund my party. they will not run our white house. >> sean: the lobbyists, cut the deficit in half, blah, blah, blah. if. >> in screwed we turn up the particular lobbyists that have visited the white house 19 times. his name is dick gephardt. he used to be the minority leader of the house of representatives. democratic floor leader. he made his reputation of opposing china and nafta and opposing china getting into the world trade association. now, he works with a company that american subsidiary that had an amer
limited use on the world as the united states becomes more diverse, more interactive, more developed technology wide we have to understand that the only barrier we have to break is to the communications. in proving the foreign-language capacity of the nation is crucial to the united states success over this lifetime in order to become powerful we have to learn to adapt to and learn new knowledge. through language you achieve both requirements. thank you for your time and i am happy to answer any questions that you have. >> thank you very much. major mitchell, please proceed with your statement. >> chairman akaka, thank you for the opportunity to discuss my experience as a foreign fellow and the impact of program has on my career as an army officer. before entering the army, my fellowship afforded me the opportunity to spend a semester at the american university in cairo speak of the arabic-language institute. it was an experience which significantly shift my decision to enter the military and has significantly impacted my career as an army officer specialized in the affairs of the ai
in the united states for 10 days with no checked baggage. a doctor on board reportedly examined the woman but found no recent scars that would indicate anything might be implanted anywhere. it's fox's top story and rick leventhal is on it and live in new york tonight. what are the passengers on there saying, what sparked that incident and what are people saying about what went down in the air? >> they're saying this woman was sitting by herself and she was acting jittery and there's obvious concerns she may have mental issues many she did not put up a fight when law enforcement escorted her off that jet. many passengers had no idea this woman had passed a threatening note to flight attendants and the pilots told passengers they were diverting because of a fuel issue and they later apologized to him for lying and made an announcement asking for doctors on board. those doctors examined the woman but apparently found no fresh surgical scars. >> they think somehow the inspections at the airport or the concerns that we have of that explosive devices are not real. i can tell you from what i'm
, fighter jets scrambled and a passenger plane bound for the united states diverted after a woman on the flight reportedly claimed she had some kind of surgically implanted device in her. a bomb of sorts. this comes just weeks after the f.b.i. and homeland security warned that the airlines that terrorists could try to hide bombs inside their bodies. u.s. airways flight was going from paris to charlotte, north carolina, 179 passengers. nine crew. but somewhere over the atlantic, the pilots had to change their plan and head for bangor, maine. we're told a french citizen from cameroon had been acted suspiciously. she handed a note mentioning this inserted device. they alerted air traffic control and in no time, a pair of f-15 fighter jets met the plane in mid air and escorted it to maine where the feds were waiting. we're told they arrested the woman who was traveling alone, scheduled stay in the united states for 10 days with no checked baggage. a doctor on board reportedly examined the woman but found no recent scars that would indicate anything might be implanted anywhere. it's fo
guitar workers came to the united states looking for financial help. i offered to play a benefit show on their behalf. but the day before the benefit show, the earthquake in haiti happened. so these korean guitar workers, who had traveled 6,000 miles and were in desperate need for money for themselves, their families, and their strike fund, voted to donate 100% of the proceeds from their benefit show to the haiti relief effort. and i was very moved by that selfless act of internatonal solidaty. that day, i wrote the song "world wide rebel songs," performed it that night, and became the staple, the cornerstone, of my most recent record of the same name. because their selfless act provides a window into the kind of world that i'd like to live in, the kind of world i'd like my children to inherit, the kind of world that i fight for in my music. >> here's the paradox you take me to, though. you sing, "hang on, man. it won't be long." there's something wonderfully promising about that, but also, terribly potentially disturbing. because you hang on and think, you know, you've been at this 2
romney has a very good chance of being president of the united states. >> i just heard tucker say that mitt romney has a very good chance, and i assume that you're talking about 2012, not 2016. i am watching c-span, and am going to be on it, and i need your advice on how to run this campaign, and i am obama, what would you tell me to do? >> i would say that the way that you reacted today is a perfect reflection of the president that people love and that -- [applause] i think one of the things that people love about the president is how authentic he is, and he showed that today. i think he appreciates that, and the voters appreciate that. one reason i have such confidence in him is his record. i think he is an excellent campaigner, and there is no one better, and he approaches campaigns, and they are important, and they are decisions, decisions about the future, and you do not go down in a campaign for not sitting in what you think are not saying what you feel are not saying what you think is the right way forward, but i think they will go in guns blazing. i think he will be the au
in the united states. let high-speed rail, new airsick -- new air-traffic control system. the results of that will be people working, earning good money, and buying things. the companies will say they can sell things because the people now have money. tavis: since we're talking about how we as a nation can do better, and you were talking about the tea party, i wonder what you have to say about the fact that there is this sense that the tea party has tapped into that the govnment is the problem. give me just a taste of your philosophy and how we respond to those who believe that part of the problem in this country, on the left and right, that government gets in the way. >> i do not agree with that. i think government is the collective expression of boulevard that is, quite frankly. if you look at government, people do want to eliminate government, you take medicine? how did you know it is safe? if you drive on highways, you take mass transit, you go to national parks. it is all bad. you get a social security check, medicare check, you feel safe because you are protected by the defense
will decide their vote in november. >>> president obama says the united states is making progress with pakistan on negotiations to re-open a critical supply route into afghanistan but yesterday's nato summit in chicago tells us there's still a long way to go. president obama refused to meet privately with pakistan's president, instead the two spent a few moments speaking on the sidelines of the summit as you see in this photograph. that's alongside afghan president oba president hamid karzai. president obama noticeably and remarkably left pakistan off the list of countries which have helped move shipments in and out of the war zone. obama administration shut it down months ago in retaliation for a u.s. air strike that killed 24 pakistani soldiers. the united states says accide accidentally. pakistan reportedly demanding a 30fold increase in payments to re-open the roads into afghanistan. the obama administration meanwhile, is losing veteran diplomat ryan crocker who is expected to step down as u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. reuters reporting it could come as early as this month.
supervisor and secretary. a currently serving the united states commission on civil proud day in san francisco where civil and equal rights and economic opportunity. we are here this morning to announce that lennar corporation and its partnerships in the candlestick development are delivering a check for $7.2 million to the san francisco foundation. [applause] the check will be delivered to the san francisco foundation who will hold it on behalf of the community of bayview-hunters point and all of district 10 lennar -- district and. [applause] this money is for community benefits, specifically job training and affordable housing, and will benefit the entire community of the bay view- hunters point, and all of district 10. we have a few instrumental people who will make brief remarks. i would like to begin with the president of lennar urban, the managing partner of the group developing candlestick point project. mr. bonner is a nationally recognized urban planner and redevelopment experts. we are very lucky to have him as the manager of this entire project. [applause] >> thank you ver
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